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5th International Istanbul Biennial, Turkey, 1997

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50th Venice Biennial – Spanish Pavillion – Italy, 2003

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5th International Istanbul Biennial, Turkey, 1997 Curator: Rosa Martínez. October 5 to November 9. 1997. Istanbul. Turkey. Venues The 5th International Istanbul Biennial was staged at one main centre and a number of satellite venues. Located inside the Topkapi Palace gardens, the Imperial Mint -which perfectly embodied the idea of a city within a city- was …

Santiago Sierra Cutaror: Rosa Martínez Venice June 15 – November 2 , 2003 Santiago Sierra’s work belongs to a set of critical operations which call into question the belief that art is an autonomous, sublime and unselfish activity. Reviewing his works over the last twelve years, what stands out is the persistence of certain subjects …